Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the Teacher who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us.
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The cities of tomorrow

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

If and when a man of Mars lands his spacecraft on Earth and looks around him, he must surely be amazed by his surroundings. Unless his mission has taken him to the countryside, he will wonder how the people of Earth can tolerate the abject monotony and raw ugliness of so many towns and cities of the world. The teeming squalor of the poorest is matched only by the brash, arid rawness of the richest. Wherever one looks on Earth, it would seem, office blocks like gigantic ants’ nests cover the ground, surrounded by endless rows of near identical cubes in which the exhausted ants recover in sleep. Of course, our friend from Mars would discover, there are exceptions to this ubiquitous life-denying mediocrity, but, he will find, they are all relics of the past, proudly maintained and preserved as tourists’ pleasure grounds while the local population make do in silent envy.

The above is, of course, a caricature, but it is not for nothing that among Maitreya’s priorities is the beautification of our cities. A city is more than just a place where money can be made and the fruits of the making enjoyed. It is a Centre, a Magnet which draws groups of people together to heighten and enrich the consciousness of all. It is a place in which the soul of the country which it graces can manifest and adorn the achievements of men everywhere. A city, therefore, should be a place of beauty, of great variety and colour, with many quiet areas for meditation and rest. It should not be too big; many modern cities repel rather than attract their citizens. They should be open and welcoming to all, sharing their special gifts with local and visitor alike.

Centre of energy

A city is a charged centre of energy, each one different and expressing many different rays or qualities.
Together, they fashion the personality of a country and provide the opportunity for the soul of the nation to be expressed. When Maitreya and the Masters are working openly the importance of certain cities will become clearer.

Science of Light

As great centres of population, the coming science of energy will naturally blossom in cities. The new Science of Light will transform the outer appearance of all cities in the world. The energy of light, direct from the sun, will flow into and from containers of various size while the Power of Shape will determine the nature of the energy needed and stored.

It will, no doubt, take many years to transform the cities of today into the places of beauty which they will become.
However, men need to be able to visualize that such cities can and will be built, and existing cities slowly rebuilt.

As the population of Earth decreases, as it will, cities will reach their ultimate best size and flourish.

Over many years Share International magazine has published regular articles by a Master of Wisdom. Far from being mystical or remote, the Master often addresses the immediate problems facing humanity. The Master – is a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Master of Wisdom; His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme is in constant telepathic contact with this Master Who dictates His articles to him since 1982.

The above article is published in the May 2008 issue of Share International magazine.



on May 11, 2008


1. Don't all-caps.
2. Don't just say population's gonna go down, say why.
3. Your personal blog signature is bullcrap.
4. You are so incredibly vague.
5. Better science fiction can and has been written.

on May 11, 2008

Darn it, sorry for double post:


1. Magic does not exist. Nor does telepathy. These are powers granted by Satan, or claimed by con artists.
2. Your vision for peace is nothing but an opiate.
3. You're purely plagarizing. Write your own stuff, or add opinions to it.
4. Benjamin Creme is a con artist or a really demented psychopath.
5. You wanna bring cities down to size? Get WMD's. There's no peace in death.
6. I find cities beautiful monuments to God's gift of creativity to man. It is the perfect art, one of life.
7. Earth's population will decrease sharply with the Appocalypse. If what you say is true, this "Master" is Lucifer, Satan, the Deciever, and the Anti-Christ. Therefore he is the Master of Darkness and any power he will attain will be only evil.
8. The "Science of Energy" is two things. The attainment of the knowledge of the omnipotence of God, or what Newton first fleshed out or gets the credit for first fleshing out.
9. Light has its properties, it's bullcrap to expect to use it to power anything greater than solar panels.
10. Cities have no more energy than any place, and on Earth, it is rare for any place to have more active energy than any other, the difference is stored in oil, potential energy, geothermal energy, and other various types of energy sources.

on May 12, 2008

Light has its properties, it's bullcrap to expect to use it to power anything greater than solar panels.

This maybe the stupidest sentence ever written on JU, maybe anywhere. I'll have to check with the judges.

on Jun 25, 2008

Why is it, that some so called Jesus followers seem to be so angry and also so obsessed with evil...?

How about practising what he preached? eh?


Peace and Love to you